Little helpers

I have open sourced some personal projects today. Those little utilities help me at my job every day:

> scriptable notifications for command-line interfaces

… currently only working with Rocket.Chat. Sends a notification with a custom message to a webhook. I am using this to get notified when log running commands finally finish.

> quickly open addresses from macOS terminal applications

… to have a way to quickly open localhost:8080 in a browser from a terminal. open-addr :8080 opens [localhost](http://localhost:8080) in your default browser.

> a very simple Go source file pre-processor

… to use #ifdef in Go. This is probably not convenient for anyone else but me.

> file base project overview for code projects

… show activity in project folders. Really only tested on macOS. Works for me™.

> sleep with progress and formatted duration

… a more granular controllable sleep command with visual feedback. sleepy 1m36s sleeps for 1 minute and 36 seconds.

> the missing links dashboard for traefik deployments

… to have clickable links for Traefik’s frontend domains. The Traefik maintainers do not want this functionality in the native Traefik dashboard, that’s why I have built this.

Ingmar Wittkau @truefalse